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Course Descriptions

    The most common reason for requesting a course description would be to provide the description to another academic institution in order to determine course equivalency.

    Descriptions of current and previous courses at UCI can be obtained by accessing the UCI General Catalogue for the appropriate year and using the print feature.

    How to Find a Course Description

    • Locate the Catalogue for the Academic Year in which the course was taken. Click here for the index of Catalogues.
    • Click on the PDF version of the Catalogue.
    • Scroll to the Table of Contents page which will be toward the beginning of the Catalogue.
    • Generally, courses are arranged under the School in which the course was offered, then by Department, then by undergraduate courses, and/or graduate courses.
    • Locate the page number of the School and/or Department in which the course was offered. If available, it may be helpful to refer to your academic transcript to obtain the department that offered the course, the course number, and the course title. Navigate to that page. Note that the page number printed in the Table of Contents may not match the PDF page exactly, but it will be close.
    • Navigate to the course description you are searching for.
    • The Catalogue page is printable. (If printing using "actual size," the Catalogue year might not print visibly. If so, adjust your printer settings to use the "fit" option.)

    Note: When printing from the 1969-1970 Catalogue, landscape orientation is recommended.