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    Payment Methods

    There are a variety of payment methods you may use to pay your fees at UCI:

    • Online through your ZOT Account
    • USPS/Expedited mail
    • Payment Services Depository Box
    • International payments through Flywire or Convera
    • PACE installment plan
    • In-person (suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic)

    Instructions on how to make payments via these methods may be found by visiting the Financial Services website.

    Tuition and Fees Payment Status

    Check your tuition and fees payment status by visiting:

    Financial Aid Recipients

    Visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website. There, you will be able to access your financial aid files through My Aid.

    Automatic Tuition and Fees Payment for Recipients of Full Financial Aid

    Tuition and fees will automatically be paid electronically after you have enrolled in the minimum units required. You will see the minimum required units when you enroll through WebReg. Typically, the minimum is six (6) units for financial aid recipients (both undergraduate and graduate) and one (1) unit for graduate aid recipients.

    After enrollment, tuition and fees will be paid automatically for:

    • financial aid recipients with sufficient aid for the full amount due
    • graduate students whose tuition and fees are fully funded through a graduate fellowship, remission program, or other form of financial support administered by the Graduate Division
    • graduate students with a combination of financial aid, graduate aid, and/or waivers that cover full tuition and fees

    Automatic Payment for Recipients of Partial Financial Aid Funding

    Undergraduate students with financial aid funding will be able to view the financial aid available for tuition and fee payment and an "Amount Due" through their ZotAccount Online. Tuition and Fees will be paid electronically when the student is enrolled in the minimum required units and the minimum amount due by the student is paid by the deadline.

    Minimum Required Units

    Units from your waitlisted classes will not count toward the Minimum Required Units (MRU) for Financial Aid recipients.

    Units from your waitlisted classes will not be counted when verifying your total enrolled units, because you are not officially enrolled in a waitlisted class.


    If you have questions about eligibility for Automatic Tuition and Fee Payment or Financial Aid awards, please contact whichever is applicable:

    Tuition and Fee Payment Deadline

    Classes are dropped if a student's tuition and fees are not paid by 5 p.m. on the fee payment deadline.

    Loss of Student Status

    The final deadline for paying tuition and fees late and/or enrolling late is Friday, 4 p.m. at the end of the third week of instruction. Failing to pay tuition and fees and enroll by this final deadline will result in the loss of student status.