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Enrollment Windows

    An enrollment window is the period of time assigned to a student in which the student may enroll in classes.

    Students enrolled in the current quarter are eligible for an enrollment window for the future quarter. For example, a student enrolled in the Fall quarter is eligible to enroll for the Winter quarter and will be assigned an enrollment window.

    A student who is not enrolled or withdrew for the current quarter must apply for readmission to obtain an enrollment window for the future quarter. Readmission deadlines are set to ensure that a student can receive an enrollment window that opens with other students of the same class level.

    Students who applied to graduate, but discover they still need to take classes should change their Application for Graduation in StudentAccess. If StudentAccess denies this action, contact your academic advising office. Once the Application for Graduation has been removed, contact the Registrar's Office to generate an enrollment window.

    Viewing the Date and Time of Your Enrollment Window

    Use WebReg or StudentAccess to view your enrollment window.

    You can view your enrollment window beginning Monday of the 7th week of instruction.

    Opening of Enrollment Windows

    WebReg registration begins each quarter on Monday of the 8th week of instruction. Windows open from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Windows do not open on weekends nor on holidays.

    Once an enrollment window opens, a student has 48 hours of full access before being restricted to non-primetime access (7 p.m. through 7 a.m.) while enrollment windows open for other students on the established priority basis.

    If WebReg logs you out, your enrollment window has either not opened yet or your 48 hours of full access have passed. Upon logout, it will display the time and date of your enrollment window or instructions to try again during non-primetime hours.

    Priority Enrollment Windows

    Priority windows are approved by the Council on Educational Policy for students meeting certain criteria. The order of these windows is numbered below.

    1. Disabled
    2. Academic Programs
      • Campuswide Honors Collegium (CHC)
      • Regent Scholars entering Fall 2023 and prior
      • Summer Bridge
    3. Athletes
    4. Military
      • Active duty
      • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (UCLA ROTC)
      • Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
      • Reservists
      • Veterans
    5. Foster Youth/Former Foster Youth
    6. Student Parents

    Standard Enrollment Windows

    Following priority enrollment windows, students enroll based upon their class level in the following order:


    Undergraduate class levels are determined by the student's total number of completed units plus their current units. (Completed units include units from AP scores and units transferred from other institutions.)

    Class Level Units
    Freshman 0-44.9
    Sophomore 45.0-89.9
    Junior 90.0-134.9
    Senior 135+

    Within each class level, students are ranked in order of units earned to determine their individual enrollment windows. However, due to the large number of freshmen possessing the same amount of units, all freshmen are assigned enrollment windows within their class level. All freshmen have the equal probability of being assigned to any window within the freshmen enrollment period.

    For the Fall quarter, transfer students are assigned their enrollment window when their academic advisor authorizes them to enroll. For students transferring in the Winter and Spring quarters, an enrollment window is assigned to them within their class level. Transfer students who are assigned an enrollment window, all have an equal probability of being assigned to any window within their class level.

    New freshmen enroll for the Fall quarter during their Student/Parent Orientation Program (SPOP).

    All Windows Open

    In general, all enrollment windows are open by Friday of the 10th week of instruction (last day of classes for the current quarter).