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Enrollment Exceptions

Enrollment Exceptions are used to add, drop, change grading options, or change the unit value of a course beginning Monday of the 3rd week of instruction. The option to switch between zero unit courses, such as discussions, is also available through Enrollment Exceptions. You may request an enrollment exception by visiting StudentAccess.

Check school and departmental comment boxes in the Schedule of Classes (SOC) for specific information regarding add, drop, and change policies.

Enrollment Exception requests to add, drop, or switch courses require approval from the academic advising office of the school offering the course and the school of the student's major (if different). Enrollment exception requests to change variable units or grading option require only the approval of the academic advising office of the student's major.

The chart below illustrates the enrollment transactions (including Enrollment Exception requests) available throughout the weeks of the academic quarter.

Enrollment Exceptions Chart


Click on the Applications tab in StudentAccess and select Enrollment Exceptions. Choose the appropriate enrollment action in order to petition for an exception.

Upon submission, your exception request will be forwarded for review to:

  • The instructor of record for the course, if applicable; and
  • The school offering the course, if applicable; and
  • The school of your major.

You can submit an identical Enrollment Exception request no more than three times.

Quarterly, the deadline to submit an Enrollment Exception request is 5 p.m. on the last day of instruction.

Student Responsibility

Additional information regarding your Enrollment Exception request may be required and you will need to provide this information in a timely manner. Failure to respond to requests for information will result in the Enrollment Exception request being denied by the reviewer or cancelled due to a lack of response by the student.

You are responsible for monitoring the status of your Enrollment Exception request(s) in StudentAccess.

Processing Time

Requests are typically acted upon within 2-3 business days per reviewer. There is no guarantee that your Enrollment Exception request(s) will be approved. If approved, the effective date of your request is based on the date and time you submitted your Enrollment Exception request, not the date and time it was approved. Therefore, the deadline date related to W grades is enforced using the time and date of your submission.

Reviewers have until Wednesday before the grade submission deadline of the applicable term to approve or deny all Enrollment Exception requests. After this deadline, the request will be cancelled due to a lack of response by the reviewer(s).

To petition for an enrollment change after the Enrollment Exception process is no longer available, contact your academic advisor.

Official Regulation

The UC Irvine add, drop, change policy is governed by Regulation 440 of the Irvine Division of the Academic Senate.