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 Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Registrar's Office Processing Calendar

The ROPC is a Schedule of events related to producing each term's
Schedule of Classes, enrolling students in classes, providing
information required by the faculty and other personnel in academic
units, maintaining students' academic records through final grades,
and publishing the Commencement Program.

This calendar is published in an effort to help coordinate events,
responsibilities, and the massive exchange of information between
students and the Registrar's staff and between the Registrar's
staff and faculty, deans, advisors, counselors, other campus
personnel, and the Office of the President.

On this calendar, each week in the month will begin on Monday and end
on Sunday.  If the last week of the calendar month has less than seven
days it will be found in the next month's calendar.  This twelve month
calendar will be revised at the end of each academic quarter.  At that
time there will be updated information covering three future quarters. 

The summer period between spring and fall quarters will be considered
as a quarter for this purpose.


Summer 2018
Jun. 25, 2018 to Sep. 12, 2018

Fall 2018
Sep. 24, 2018 to Dec. 14, 2018

Winter 2019
Jan. 2, 2019 to Mar. 22, 2019

Spring 2019
Mar. 27, 2019 to Jun. 14, 2019

Summer 2019
Jun. 24, 2019 to Sep. 11, 2019

Fall 2019
Sep. 23, 2019 to Dec. 13, 2019

Winter 2020
Jan. 2, 2010 to Mar. 20, 2020

Spring 2020
Mar. 25, 2020 to Jun. 12, 2020