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Accuracy and Retention of Student Records

The Registrar's Office maintains a permanent record of academic work completed by each student. Support documents for the academic record are kept for one year.

Students are strongly advised to carefully check their academic record quarterly. (Student copies of the academic record are available from the Registrar's Office shortly after the close of each quarter.) Discrepancies in the academic record should be reported to the Registrar immediately. After one year, it is assumed that the student accepts the accuracy of their academic record, and supporting source documents are destroyed.

Student academic records may not be changed after one year or, in some cases, in less than one year if Academic Senate regulations specify a shorter time limit. For example, the notation "NR," which means that no grade has been reported, must be removed within one quarter of subsequent enrollment or it will automatically be converted to the grade "F" or "NP" (under Irvine Academic Senate Regulation IR A345, section G2).