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Academic Holds

Academic or administrative departments may place an academic hold on a student's record which will restrict the student from performing certain actions until the hold is resolved and removed. Depending on the type of hold, this may prevent the student from receiving an enrollment window, enrolling in courses, paying tuition and fees, ordering transcripts and verifications, etc. The following table lists the different hold types and the restrictions they impose.

Hold Type Description
1 Student may enroll in classes and pay fees.
2 Student cannot enroll in classes (all other Registrar services are available).
3 Student cannot receive any University services except ordering official transcripts.
4 Student cannot receive any University services.
5 Student cannot graduate.
6 This hold is automatically applied to incoming transfer students. It prevents the student from enrolling in classes or paying fees until the student receives academic advising. Removal of this hold is at the discretion of the student's academic advising office.

Classes Dropped Due to a Hold on Your Record

Any hold that remains on your record at the Fee Payment Deadline will result in being dropped from all of your classes. If you have a Type 2, 3, 4, or 6 hold, you will only be able to reenroll in classes when the hold is removed.

Resolving a Hold on Your Record

To resolve a hold on your record, you must contact the department that placed the hold to discuss the conditions of its removal. If you are a current student, sign in to StudentAccess. Once logged in, you will see a message in red indicating the hold on your account. Click on the red message to view the department that placed the hold.

If you are not a current student, contact the University Registrar who will direct you to the appropriate office to resolve the hold.

A list of academic advising offices is available with contact information for various academic departments. If the hold on your record was placed by an administrative department, refer to the campus directory for contact information.