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Instructions for Using WebGrades

  1. You must be the instructor of record for the class and have your employee identification number listed in the Electronic Schedule of Classes. Your departmental Schedule of Classes Coordinator can confirm this information for you.

  2. Authentication: At OIT's UCInetID Web Authentication page, enter your UCInetID and password and click the login button.
    • Note that you must reauthorize yourself whenever you close all of your web browser windows.

  3. The list of courses you taught are displayed; select the course for which you want to enter grades.

  4. Default formatting includes the following:
    • web page layout; input box for grade; students ordered alphabetically by last name;
    • information for each officially enrolled student: ID number; last name, first name; class level; grade option.

    You may select additional options and data elements such as listing students' email addresses and/or majors, as well as viewing the roster as fixed text or tabbed text.

  5. You may enter, upload, and edit grades, repeating the steps as many times as you choose.

  6. When you are satisfied that all grades are entered correctly, follow the instructions to officially submit grades to the Registrar.

    • The Officially Submit button will not be available until after 5pm on the last day of instruction for the quarter.

  7. Final grades are submitted to the Registrar ONLY when you click on the "Official Submit" check box and then click the "Redisplay Webpage" button. This check box is NOT available until the end of the last day of instruction for the quarter.

Note that once you have officially submitted your grades, they are locked and you will no longer be able to edit them.

Not sure? Try the WebGrades Demo.