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UC Irvine Aldrich Park

Final Exam Policy

The following is the Irvine Division of the Academic Senate Regulation A465, Undergraduate Final Exam Policy.

(A) General Requirements
Final examinations are required in all undergraduate courses, except as provided elsewhere in this regulation. Whenever practical each such examination shall be written and must be completed by all participants within a previously announced time limit. Examinations in non-laboratory courses may not exceed three hours' duration.

(B) Scheduling
Final examinations are to be administered during examination week at the time announced in the Schedule of Classes. Exceptions must be approved by the instructor's Dean and only for sound educational reasons. However, students must have the option of taking examinations at the regularly scheduled time. If the final examination is given before final examination week, substantial student-faculty contact must continue into examination week.

(C) Laboratory or Studio Courses
Examinations are normally not required in laboratory or studio courses or their equivalent as individually determined by the Committee on Courses. At its option, the department (or academic unit) may require a final examination in any laboratory course, subject to prior announcement in the Schedule of Classes for the quarter in question.

(D) Standard Examination Substitutes
With the approval of the department chair or the equivalent supervising administrative officer concerned, instructors may substitute a take-home final examination, an oral examination, or one or more term papers. Deans (or equivalent) must maintain records of these approvals. The method of examination must be announced during the first two weeks of the quarter. If a take-home examination is not assigned until the week designated for final examinations, it should require no more than three hours to complete.

(E) General Examination in Major
At the end of the quarter in which a student is expected to be graduated, a student may be examined in the major field by the department (or academic unit), the department (or academic unit) may excuse the student from final examination in courses offered by the department (or academic unit) during that quarter, and, with the approval of the Committee on Courses, the department (or academic unit) may assign a credit value to such general examination.

Last Revision-August 25, 2004