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Comprehensive Active Prerequisite checking system - CAP

    The Registrar's Office has the ability to check student records for satisfaction of course prerequisites before allowing a student to enroll through WebReg. This process is called CAP, Comprehensive Active Prerequisite checking process.

    By the SOC deadline before students enroll in classes for the upcoming quarter (5:00 p.m., Friday of 6th week of the prior quarter), have the SOC coordinator for your department submit the following information to Lina Pham ( in the Registrar's Office:

    1. Identify courses for prerequisite checking by SOC department name and course number.

    Example #1: ENGRCEE 30 Lec A
    Example #2: Human 1B Lec A
    Human 1B Lec B
    Human 1B/SA Lec A
    Human H1B Lec A

    2. List the UCI course(s) that satisfy the prerequisite(s). Be explicit about multiple prerequisites. In addition, if the course number was changed in the recent past, tell us the previous department name and course number (example #3).

    Example #1: Any one course from Engr 30, ENGRCEE 30, ENGRMAE 30
    Example #2: Human 1A or Human 1A/SA or Human H1A
    Example #3: Bio Sci 96; effective spring '93, renumbered from Bio Sci 102

    The Registrar's Office has the ability to use logical operators between courses. When describing the prerequisites, be sure to make clear the relationships between classes of prerequisites. If a student has to take two classes (A&B) or just one special class (C), one can say the prerequisite is: A and B or C; C or A and B. If the student must take one class from a group and one class from another group, you say this: (A or B or C or D) and (X or Y  or Z). You can ask that students have any two of up to five courses (any 2 of A, B, C, D, or E).

    3. List by institution any non-UCI courses that satisfy the prerequisite if students frequently meet the requirements elsewhere. Make sure that you use the exact same abbreviation that the institution does. For example, if OCC abbreviates Computer Science as CIS, use that instead of I&C SCI

    OCC: Engineering 280
    Saddleback: Engr 31

    4. Have your SOC coordinator select "CAP" into the PREREQ field in ESOC.