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Fees for Transcripts

    Official Transcripts

    Beginning Fall 2018, the document fee provides lifetime access to official transcripts and academic verifications without a fee for in-person pickup or delivery by USPS. New undergraduates, graduate students, and most professional school students are assessed the one-time document fee. Alumni and continuing students receive this benefit but do not pay the new fee, as they have been subject to various fees previously for their degree programs.

    Students in self-supporting-fee graduate programs will continue to pay the $17 fee for transcripts and applicable handling charges.

    For orders placed online, a $2.25 service charge is assessed by the National Student Clearinghouse for each unique order. The Clearinghouse service charge is in addition to any applicable transcript or expedited mailing fees, and is not covered by the document fee.

    Unofficial Transcripts

    There is no fee required for obtaining an unofficial transcript.

    One copy per day is available free of charge.

    Express Delivery

    Express Delivery is available for $25, for either domestic or international shipping.

    The prices listed above are in addition to any applicable transcript fee. Click on the links above for additional information for these services.

    Payment Options

    Payment of fees for transcripts may be made via:

    • Credit card when ordering online via the National Student Clearinghouse
    • Credit card, check, or money order made payable to UC REGENTS when ordering in person