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Waitlist Option for Faculty & Staff

    Students have the option of placing themselves on a real-time waitlist for a class that is full, provided the waitlist option has been activated, and the student meets the conditions of enrollment for the class.

    A comprehensive look at the waitlist option is available in the student section of the Registrar's website. However, there are additional features of the waitlist system, that pertain to specifically to faculty and staff.

    Faculty and Staff Features

    • All classes that are eligible to use the Waitlist System will automatically default to that option.
    • The default size of a waitlist is 15 percent of the maximum capacity of the class section.
      • The SOC Coordinators can deactivate or change the default size of the waitlist using ESOC. They may designate a maximum number for a waitlist or a percentage of the capacity.
      • When a department changes the capacity of a class, the size of the waitlist will be changed automatically for percentage-based classes. The size of the waitlist will not be changed if the department designated a fixed number for the waitlist.

    Additional Notes

    • If a waitlist is deactivated, the instructor determines which students may add their class. There is no policy that requires the instructor to give priority to students remaining on the waitlist.
    • Once the enrollment period begins, departments are discouraged from making changes in restrictions, prerequisites, and the number that can waitlist a class. Such changes cause confusion for students attempting to enroll in or waitlist classes.
    • Students are advised that there is no guarantee that space will become available in a class that is full.