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Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Student Data

As of Fall 2016, the University of California maintains four fields related to gender and sexual orientation. Those fields are as follows:

  1. Gender: male; female; nonbinary
  2. Gender Identity: female; male; trans female/trans woman; trans male/trans man; genderqueer/gender non-conforming; different identity
  3. Gender at Birth: male; female; nonbinary
  4. Sexual Orientation: heterosexual/straight; gay or lesbian; bisexual; not listed/other

Only Gender data was collected for students admitted prior to Fall 2016.

Starting Fall 2019 nonbinary was added as a category to Gender and Gender at Birth.

Continuing and new graduate students do not have data collected for Gender at Birth or Sexual Orientation.

To conform to data standards for The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the University maps Gender for students whose Gender Identity does not match their Gender at Birth.

Updating Gender and Sexual Orientation Fields

Students may change their Gender, Gender at Birth, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation fields by submitting a request through the Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation application via StudentAccess. No validation or additional processes are required.

To use a preferred name, please visit: Preferred Name.

Who Can See Your Data?

Data is shared with UCI offices that have a defined responsibility to provide students with gender-specific services.

Gender and Gender Identity information is shared with: