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Notary Service

As a service to UCI students and alumni, the Registrar's Office offers a notary service for official university documents produced by or distributed by the University Registrar.

You may elect to use your own notary. Details on this option are provided below.

What we will notarize

  • Diplomas
  • Official Transcripts
  • Verifications

Only an official academic transcript or verification is eligible for notarization; photocopies or other reproductions are unacceptable.

A copy of your diploma can be notarized, provided that your original diploma is presented at the time the copy is notarized.

How Notarization Works with Registrar Services

When you present your original diploma or have the Registrar's Office issue you an official transcript or verification, the University Registrar will produce and sign a letter attesting to the authenticity of your document. A notary will witness and verify the signing of the attestation by the University Registrar.

What you will leave with upon notarization:

Diplomas Transcripts Verifications
1. Your original diploma brought
    by you to the Registrar's Office.
1. Your official transcript. 1. Your official verification.
    The attestation is included on your
    verification letter.
2. A photocopy of your diploma. 2. Attestation signed by the
    University Registrar.
2. Written and stamped
    from the notary.
3. Attestation signed by the
    University Registrar.
3. Written and stamped
    from the notary.
4. Written and stamped
    from the notary.

How To Obtain a Notarization

    By Mail
  • 1. Complete and sign a Request for Notarization Services form.
  • 2. Mail the form with a check payable to UC Regents, to:
      UCI Registrar
      Attn: Notary
      215 Aldrich Hall
      Irvine, CA 92697-4975
  • 3. If requesting notarization for a diploma, you must also include your original diploma.

Fees for Notary Services

Notarizing your document requires a $15 notarization fee per notarial act.

The notarization fee is added to the standard fees, if applicable, for Registrar Services.

Expedited shipping services are available for $25 per unique address.

Fees may be paid in person at the Central Cashier or by mail along with the fees required for the document(s) you are requesting.

Checks should be made payable to: UC REGENTS.

Foreign Use of Notarized Documents

The Secretary of State of California provides apostilles or certifications for documents to be used outside the United States. After your documents are notarized at the Registrar's Office, students who still require an apostille or certification for a foreign country or institution should review the California Secretary of State website for instructions on obtaining an apostille or certification.