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Transferring Non-UCI Credit

    You may have credit for courses taken at another institution transferred to your UCI record. This also includes Advanced Placement (AP) credit and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit.


    Contact the other institution and request that they send an official transcript to the UCI Office of Admissions.
    Upon receipt, an admissions counselor will:

    • Review your official transcript
    • Determine the number of transferrable units
    • Post the transferrable credit to your academic record and transcript
    • Send a copy of your updated records to your school or program at UCI

    Transferred Credit on Your UCI Record

    You may check to see if transferred credit has been posted to your record by visiting StudentAccess.

    Courses and grades from other institutions, including other UC campuses, are not itemized on your UCI transcript.

    Transferred credit is shown only as a total number of units transferred.

    Only transferred credit from another UC campus will be computed into your UC grade point average (GPA).

    Unit conversion

    Use the guideline below to convert between semester units and quarter units.

    • semester units multiplied by 1.5 = quarter units
    • quarter units multiplied by .667 = semester units