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Simultaneous Enrollment

    The University of California Simultaneous Enrollment Program allows undergraduates to enroll, without formal admission, at another UC campus during the fall, winter, or spring terms. Enrollment is on a space available basis and at the discretion of appropriate campus authorities at both campuses.

    UC Online allows students to register for online courses.

    Eligibility Requirements

    You must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for the Simultaneous Enrollment Program:

    • completion of a minimum of 12 units at the home campus as a matriculated student
    • enrollment in a minimum of 6 units for the current term at the home campus
    • in good academic standing with at least a 2.0 GPA
    • be paid full-time for the term
    • approval of your academic counseling office
    • demonstrate appropriate academic preparation as determined by the host campus

    Applying for Simultaneous Enrollment

    You may apply for Simultaneous Enrollment by completing an Application for Simultaneous Enrollment.

    There is no fee for filing the application.

    Once your academic counselor approves your application, submit the application to the Registrar's Office. Your application will be forwarded to the Registrar at your host campus.

    Enrollment Conditions

    Approval for simultaneous enrollment is valid only for the term specified, and is subject to space availability. You must follow the registration procedures of the host campus and meet the registration deadline. You must reapply for each term you wish to enroll simultaneously at two UC campuses.

    You are subject to all course administrative procedures at the host campus.

    Evidence of satisfactory completion of course prerequisites may be required at the time of enrollment at the host campus. You are advised to bring a copy of relevant transcripts.

    Academic advising is available only at the home campus. You are urged to consult with an academic advisor prior to simultaneous enrollment to ensure courses meet UCI requirements.

    The host campus automatically sends your official transcript to your home campus at the end of each term. You may request additional transcripts from the host campus as needed.

    Students maintaining foreign visas are required to gain approval from the International Center before participating.

    Tuition and Fees and Financial Aid

    UCI students in the Simultaneous Enrollment Program are not eligible for the Reduced Fee Part-Time Study Program.

    Financial aid is available only through the home campus. Students eligible for veterans, rehabilitation, social security, and other federal, state, or county benefits must secure eligibility certification through the home campus. Units taken at both campuses may be combined to establish full-time enrollment for financial aid.

    Additional fees (labs, materials, breakage, etc.) required of other students at the host campus will be assessed and must be paid. No additional tuition and fees are required.

    Services While Simultaneously Enrolled

    Students in the Simultaneous Enrollment Program are not entitled to student services at the host campus, without payment of additional fees. Such services include, but are not limited to: career services, recreational facilities, and housing.

    Health services on the host campus are limited to treatment for emergencies.

    Simultaneously enrolled students are entitled to use the host campus library.

    Parking is available at the host campus for a fee.

    The host campus will provide information about ID cards at registration.

    NOTE: You must process an official drop at the host campus if you cease attending a course.