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Fall Quarter, 2014

    Registration for term begins on Monday, May 19, 2014
School of Humanities

School of Humanities comments:

DROP: The deadline to drop courses in the School of Humanities is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Drops can be made in WebReg.

CHANGE: The deadline to change grade option or variable units is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Changes can be made in WebReg.

ADD: The deadline to add courses in the School of Humanities is the end of Week 3 by 5:00PM. Adds can be made in WebReg.

Any exception to the add or drop deadline must be requested as an Enrollment Exception via the online StudentAccess system, and requires approval of the Undergraduate Dean. For more information on the Humanities policy and adding and dropping a course, visit http://www.humanities.uci.edu/undergrad/current/add_drop.php. For more information on the Humanities policy on changing the grade option, visit http://www.humanities.uci.edu/undergrad/current/grade_opt.php.


If you satisfied prerequisites for a course at another college, you must contact your academic counseling office to activate your eligibility to enroll in the course. School of Humanities majors can submit requests via the on-line Course Authorization Form available at http://www.humanities.uci.edu/undergrad/current/forms.php on the Humanities Undergraduate Study web site.


Korean department comments:


Students intending to enroll in a Korean language class for the first time in Fall 2014, MUST take a placement test. Testing will be offered on TBA. Students may register for this exam with the UCI Academic Testing Center through their web site, http://www.testingcenter.uci.edu. For additional information, contact the UCI Academic Testing Center at testcenter@uci.edu or call 949-824-6207.

After the test, bring the written test result and the language background survey with you to the Faculty Oral Interview offered on TBA. Interviews are offered on a walk-in basis; no appointment is needed. Find out your placement and obtain authorization to register at the interview. For inquiries about the Faculty Oral Interview, contact Hyun-young Hyun, Korean Language Program Coordinator at hhyun@uci.edu.

Students registered in any section of Korean 1A, 1KA, 2A, 2KA or 3A MUST ATTEND THE FIRST and SECOND class meeting of the course. Any student who does not meet this condition will be required to drop the class.

  Korean   1A     FUNDAMENTALS      (Prerequisites)
29310LecA5LEE, J.
MTuWThF   9:00- 9:50 IAB 129Tue, Dec 16, 1:30-3:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
MTuWThF   2:00- 2:50pTBATue, Dec 16, 1:30-3:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
MTuWThF   12:00-12:50pHH 232Tue, Dec 16, 1:30-3:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
  Korean   1KA     FUNDMNTL BACKGROUND      (Prerequisites)
29320LecA5LEE, J.
MTuWThF   10:00-10:50 IAB 129Tue, Dec 16, 1:30-3:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
  Korean   2A     INTERMEDIATE      (Prerequisites)
29400LecA5CHOE, H.
MTuWThF   9:00- 9:50 HG 2310Thu, Dec 18, 10:30-12:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
29402LecB5CHOE, H.
MTuWThF   12:00-12:50pIAB 129Thu, Dec 18, 10:30-12:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
  Korean   2KA     INTERM BACKGROUND      (Prerequisites)
29440LecA5CHOE, H.
MTuWThF   11:00-11:50 IAB 129Thu, Dec 18, 10:30-12:30pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN
  Korean   3A     ADVANCED      (Prerequisites)
29550LecA4HYUN, H.MTuWTh   1:00- 1:50pIAB 129Fri, Dec 19, 4:00-6:00pm240n/a00ABookstore OPEN

Korean 199 courses:

Enrollment in 199 requires the submission of an approved Independent Study proposal form (available online at http://www.humanities.uci.edu/undergrad/current/Independent_Study_Proposal.pdf) by the end of the third week of classes.

  Korean   199     INDEPENDENT STUDY
29700TutA1-4CHOI, C.MWF   2:00- 2:50pHIB 473    TBA30n/a00BBookstore OPEN
29702TutB1-4KIM, K.MWF   3:00- 3:50pHIB 446    TBA30n/a00BBookstore OPEN
29704TutC1-4SUH, S.MWF   8:00- 8:50 HIB 472    TBA30000LBookstore OPEN
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