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 Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Schedule of Classes: Column Titles

Code: The 5-digit code representing a class in the printed Schedule of Classes (e.g. 29001).
In the formatted web display, an XL link (for cross listed courses) is displayed below a course code if the same course is listed under a different department; you can click this link to see each of the department versions of this course.
In the text display page, the course code for each cross listed course is listed below the original like "(xlist 12345)".
The type of instruction for the course:
Act   Activity Col   Colloquium
DisDiscussion FldField Work
LabLaboratory LecLecture
QizQuiz ResResearch
SemSeminar StuStudio
TapTutorial Assistance Program TutTutorial
Sec: The Section number or letter identifier for an individual class.
Unt: The number of units (i.e., 3, 4.5) approved for each class.
Instructor: The name of the professor(s) teaching the class.
In-person0-25% of the course might be online for undergraduate courses. 50% of the course might be online for graduate courses.
Online26-100% of the course will be online for undergraduate courses. 50% of the course might be online for graduate courses.
Time: The meeting times and days for each class. This is marked TBA if unknown.
Weekdays are abbreviated as: Su, M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa.
Place: The building and room for class meetings. This is marked TBA if unknown.
Max: The MaxCap, or maximum student capacity, the department has defined for the class.
Enr: The number of students enrolled in the class. Double values like "5 / 20" show the "section / combined" enrollment totals for cross-listed courses.
WL: The number of people currently on the registration Waiting List for the class.
Req: The number of registration requests for the class.
Nor: New Only Reserved. The number of class seats reserved for new students only.
Enrollment restrictions for a class:
A    Prerequisite required B    Authorization required
C    Fee required D    Pass/not pass option only
E    Freshmen only F    Sophomores only
G    Lower-division only H    Juniors only
I    Seniors only J    Upper-division only
K    Graduate only L    Major only
M    Non-major only N    School major only
O    Non-school major only S    Satisfactory/unsatisfactory only
R    Biomedical pass/fail course (School of Medicine only) X    Separate authorization codes required to add, drop, or change

Any restriction letter codes listed in the Rst column for a list of classes are defined at the bottom of that web page.
Ead: Ead is listed for courses that are eligible for Electronic Add/Drop. Note that WebReg is not available beyond the 2nd week of the term for most courses.
Web: Provides a link to the class section's official web page, if the course has one. The website requires a password if the link is followed by "/P". Report broken class links or a new course web site via the EEE Report Page.
For the fall, winter and spring terms, this column specifies the current enrollment status for a class:
OPENThe class has not yet reached maximum enrollment capacity.
NewOnly This course only has openings for new students (but the waiting list may still have space for continuing students).
WaitlThe class has reached maximum capacity, but there is space on the Waiting List
FULL  The class has reached maximum capacity and the Waiting List is either full or not an option.