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Late Charges

    Additional charges will be assessed for students who fail to meet deadlines for enrollment or tuition and fees payment.

    Late Payment Charge

    Students paying tuition and fees after the fee payment deadline are assessed a $50 late payment charge.

    Note: Any financial or academic holds in place at the time of registration may prevent enrollment and/or tuition and fees payment.

    Late Enrollment Charge

    Students must be enrolled in classes before the end of the second week of instruction. Students enrolled in zero units and/or initiating enrollment after the end of the second week of instruction are assessed a $50 late enrollment charge.

    Students Receiving Financial Aid/Graduate Aid

    You may be required to enroll in the Minimum Required Units (MRU) before funds from Financial Aid/Graduate Aid are disbursed. A delay in disbursed funds could result in the assessment of a Late Payment Charge.

    Late Charge Waivers

    Late charges may be waived only if:

    • the University is at fault for your late registration; or
    • you have been incapacitated throughout the registration period due to illness or injury (documentation required).