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Friday, February 4, 2011

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Winter Quarter, 2011

    Currently in week 5.
School of Humanities

School of Humanities comments:

DROP: The deadline to drop courses in the School of Humanities is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Drops can be made in WebReg.

CHANGE: The deadline to change grade option or variable units is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Changes can be made in WebReg.

ADD: The deadline to add courses in the School of Humanities is the end of Week 3 by 5:00PM. Adds can be made in WebReg.

Any exception to the add or drop deadline must be requested as an Enrollment Exception via the online StudentAccess system after second week for DROPs and after third week for ADDs and requires approval of the Undergraduate Dean. For more information, please visit http://www.humanities.uci.edu/undergrad/current/add_drop.php


Students who did not meet the lower-division writing requirement at UCI must be authorized for those courses in Humanities which require lower-division writing as prerequisite. Continuing students can submit requests via the on-line Course Authorization Form available at http://www.humanities.uci.edu/undergrad/current/forms.php on the Humanities Undergraduate Study web site. New students must bring unofficial transcripts to the Undergraduate Counseling Office in HIB 143 to request authorization.


If you satisfied prerequisites for a course at another college, you must contact your academic counseling office to activate your eligibility to enroll in the course.


A lab fee may be assessed for those courses using the Humanities computer labs for class sessions.

Enrollment in lecture and discussion, lecture and studio, lecture and lab, lecture and studio and discussion, etc. is required for all courses offered by the School of Humanities, as well as any courses cross-listed with a Humanities offering.


French department comments:

Students who have successfully completed French language classes in high school enroll in French language courses at UCI according to their years of previous study. In general, one year of high school French will be considered equal to one quarter of a UCI language course. If desired, students may take a French placement exam through the UCI Testing Center for a more precise assessment Students may then enroll in French at UCI either based on the high school formula indicated above or based on the results of the placement exam. For further information about the French placement test, contact the Testing Center at www.testingcenter.uci.edu or at (949) 824-6207.

Students with credit for previous college-level courses in French, should check with the Humanities Counseling Office in HIB 143 (949-824-5132) to determine the appropriate course to enroll in at UCI.

A student with a score of "3" on either French Advanced Placement exam may enroll directly into French 2A. A student with a score of "4" or "5" on either French Advanced Placement exam is eligible to enroll directly into French 100A; however, full credit will be awarded for French 2C if the student wants to take French 2C first for review.

If a class has a "B" or "X" restriction, contact the Instructor to obtain a code to add, drop, or change the grading option of the class.

  French   1B     FUNDAMENTALS
26510LecA5SEXTRO, L.
MTuWThF   8:00- 8:50 HH 108Tue, Mar 15, 1:30-3:30pm2420n/a28 Bookstore OPEN
MTuWThF   9:00- 9:50 HH 108Tue, Mar 15, 1:30-3:30pm2422n/a33 Bookstore OPEN
26514LecC5MIJALSKI, M.
MTuWTh   10:00-10:50
F   10:00-10:50
HH 242
HH 303
Tue, Mar 15, 1:30-3:30pm2520n/a41 Bookstore OPEN
26516LecD5MIJALSKI, M.
MTuWThF   11:00-11:50 HH 236Tue, Mar 15, 1:30-3:30pm2522n/a34 Bookstore OPEN
26520LecD5VAUTIER, C.
MTuWTh   9:00- 9:50
F   9:00- 9:50
HH 242
HH 303
Tue, Mar 15, 1:30-3:30pm2519n/a32 Bookstore OPEN
  French   1C     FUNDAMENTALS
26522LecC5FOSTER, E.
MTuWThF   12:00-12:50pHH 236Tue, Mar 15, 1:30-3:30pm2523n/a39 Bookstore OPEN
  French   2A     INTERMEDIATE
26530LecA4POSTOLI, S.
MTuWTh   11:00-11:50 HH 118Thu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm2414n/a18 Bookstore OPEN
26532LecB4RAPHAEL, G.
MTuWTh   12:00-12:50pHICF 100KThu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm258n/a12 Bookstore OPEN
  French   2B     INTERMEDIATE
26540LecA4WEBER, J.
MTuWTh   8:00- 8:50 HH 236Thu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm2515n/a16 Bookstore OPEN
26542LecB4WEBER, J.
MTuWTh   9:00- 9:50 HH 236Thu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm2422n/a26 Bookstore OPEN
26544LecC4MACVICAR, A.
MTuWTh   10:00-10:50 SSTR 102Thu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm2524n/a29 BookstoreWebOPEN
26546LecD4MACVICAR, A.
MTuWTh   9:00- 9:50 SSTR 102Thu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm2510n/a14 BookstoreWebOPEN
  French   2C     INTERMEDIATE
26550LecA4ANTHONY, K.
MTuWTh   12:00-12:50pHH 242Thu, Mar 17, 10:30-12:30pm2520n/a28 Bookstore OPEN
  French   97     FUNDMTLS OF READING
    French 97 is a French reading course designed primarily for graduate students and is not applicable towards any undergraduate foreign language requirement.
26570LecA4MACVICAR, A.TuTh   12:00- 1:20pHH 303Fri, Mar 18, 10:30-12:30pm245n/a10MBookstoreWebOPEN
  French   100B     ESSAY WRITING      (Prerequisites)
26600LecA4HOGG, C.MWF   12:00-12:50pHH 118Mon, Mar 14, 1:30-3:30pm3223n/a25ABookstoreWebOPEN
  French   101B     INTRO TO FRENCH LIT      (Prerequisites)
26610LecA4KIAN, S.MWF   3:00- 3:50pHH 118Mon, Mar 14, 4:00-6:00pm2621n/a28 Bookstore OPEN
  French   118     FRENCH TRAVEL 18THC      (Prerequisites)
26620LecA4LEIBOVITZ-DAMB, S.MW   1:00- 2:20pHH 118Wed, Mar 16, 1:30-3:30pm3016n/a22ABookstore OPEN
  French   119     LE FANTASTIQUE      (Prerequisites)
26625LecA4BURT, E.TuTh   2:00- 3:20pHH 118Thu, Mar 17, 1:30-3:30pm3013n/a20ABookstoreWebOPEN
  French   150     TRAGIC WOMEN
26630LecA4GEARHART, S.TuTh   3:30- 4:50pHH 118Tue, Mar 15, 4:00-6:00pm3022n/a35 Bookstore OPEN
  French   150     PHILOSOPHY OF OTHER
26640LecA4BRUNSTETTER, D.Th   7:00- 9:50pSSL 119    TBA288 / 28n/a24 BookstoreWebFULL
    (same as 61510 Chc/Lat 159, Lec A;   and 67260 Pol Sci 139, Lec A)
  French   199     INDEPENDENT STUDY
    French 199 enrollment requires submission of an approved Independent Study proposal form (available in HIB 143) by the end of the second week of classes (January 15, 2010).
26680TutA1-4MIJALSKI, M.     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
26681TutB1-4BURT, E.     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
26682TutC1-4CARROLL, D.     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
26683TutD1-4STAFF     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
26684TutE1-4GEARHART, S.     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
26685TutF1-4NOLAND, C.     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
26686TutG1-4REGOSIN, R.     TBATBA    TBA50n/a0I and BBookstore OPEN
  French   220     PROUST&AUTOBIOGRAPH
26690LecA4CARROLL, D.Th   2:00- 4:50pHH 303    TBA154n/a5KBookstore OPEN
  French   280     DIRECTED READING
26750SemA4STAFF     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0S and KBookstore OPEN
26752SemB4BURT, E.     TBATBA    TBA61n/a1S and KBookstore OPEN
26754SemC4CARROLL, D.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0S and KBookstore OPEN
26756SemD4BELL, D.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0S and KBookstore OPEN
26758SemE4GEARHART, S.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0S and KBookstore OPEN
26760SemF4NOLAND, C.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0S and KBookstore OPEN
26762SemG4REGOSIN, R.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0S and KBookstore OPEN
  French   290     RSRCH FREN LANG&LIT
26800TutA4STAFF     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26802TutB4BURT, E.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26804TutC4CARROLL, D.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26806TutD4BELL, D.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26808TutE4GEARHART, S.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26810TutF4NOLAND, C.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26812TutG4REGOSIN, R.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
  French   299     DISSERTATN RESEARCH
26850TutA4-12STAFF     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26852TutB4-12BURT, E.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26854TutC4-12CARROLL, D.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26856TutD4-12BELL, D.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26858TutE4-12GEARHART, S.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26860TutF4-12STAFF     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26862TutG4-12STAFF     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
26864TutH4-12NOLAND, C.     TBATBA    TBA61n/a1N and KBookstore OPEN
26866TutI4-12REGOSIN, R.     TBATBA    TBA60n/a0N and KBookstore OPEN
  French   399     UNIVERSITY TEACHING
26890TutA4MIJALSKI, M.     TBATBA    TBA156n/a6 Bookstore OPEN
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